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CloudBoxx is the market-leading telematics solution powering tens of thousands of shared vehicles in over 50 countries.

Important: CloudBoxx and the INVERS OneAPI

All documentation on this web site is intended for the INVERS OneAPI with CloudConnect. The INVERS OneAPI does not yet support CloudBoxx-equipped vehicles. We are actively working on making all CloudBoxx features available within the INVERS OneAPI and will announce updates here, once available. Existing CloudBoxx customers can login to the CloudBoxx API Portal to view documentation and other resources.

Once the CloudBoxx will be available within the INVERS OneAPI, we will provide a migration guide for all customers who wish to migrate from CloudBoxx API to OneAPI. We will make sure the migration process is as easy as possible. In general, the functionality of sending commands to vehicles and receiving asynchronous state updates from vehicles is existing within both, the CloudBoxx API and INVERS OneAPI. Therefore, switching from CloudBoxx API to OneAPI does not fundamentally change the way how you integrate with the APIs of INVERS. In addition, the CloudBoxx API will remain available in parallel to ensure a smooth transition.