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List of Supported Vehicle State Capabilities⚓︎

The table below shows you the complete list of vehicle state capabilities currently supported by the INVERS OneAPI. We are constantly adding additional capabilities as telematics units and their protocols or APIs become more mature and add new features.


You can find more details about data types and value ranges of each vehicle state property in our API reference (e.g., response of “latest vehicle state”).

Please note that each of the vehicles in your OneAPI fleet has its own list of supported vehicle state capabilities, which usually is a subset of the complete list you can find here. This is due to the different form-factors and vehicle types, but also varies depending on the telematics unit built into the vehicle. Even when using the same telematics unit in all of your vehicles, the capabilities can vary from one vehicle to another based on differences in the vehicle brand and model.

Read our overview about vehicle capabilities to find out more!

Vehicle State Capability Description
ABS_STATUS State of the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ENABLED, DISABLED)
ADBLUE_LEVEL_IN_PERCENT AdBlue level of the vehicle in percent
ADBLUE_LEVEL_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a low AdBlue level (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
ALTITUDE_IN_METERS Altitude of the vehicle
BRAKE_FLUID_DUE_DATE Date at which the next brake fluid replacement is due
BRAKE_FLUID_LEVEL_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a low brake fluid level (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
BRAKE_LINING_WEAR_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to worn break linings (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
BRAKE_WARNING_INDICATOR Whether the brake warning light / brake indicator lamp is active due to an issue with the brake system (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
CELLULAR_SIGNAL_QUALITY Indicates how strong the signal of the cellular connection is (0-5)
CENTRAL_LOCK State of the central lock (LOCKED, UNLOCKED)
CHARGING_STATUS Whether the vehicle is currently charging (CHARGING, NOT_CHARGING)
CHARGING_UNTIL Estimated timestamp by which the vehicle will be fully charged
CHECK_ENGINE_INDICATOR Whether the check engine light / malfunction indicator lamp is active (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
CLOUDBOXX_CARDHOLDER_CARDS Status of the cards in each slot of the CloudBoxx cardholder (PRESENT, ABSENT, NOT_CONFIGURED)4
CONVERTIBLE_TOP_STATUS State of the convertible top (OPEN, CLOSED)
COOLANT_LEVEL_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a low coolant level (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
COOLANT_TEMPERATURE_HIGH_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to high coolant temperature (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
DIAGNOSTIC_TROUBLE_CODES A list of the currently active diagnostic trouble codes.
DOORS_STATUS Combined state of the doors (“OPEN” if at least one door is opened, otherwise “CLOSED”)
DRIVE_BATTERIES Contains information about the driving battery or batteries in each of the vehicle’s battery ports1
DRIVING_ENABLED Whether the driver can start the engine of the vehicle
ENGINE_OIL_DUE_DATE Date at which the next engine oil replacement is due
ENGINE_OIL_DUE_IN_KILOMETERS Distance remaining to next engine oil replacement, in kilometers
ENGINE_OIL_PRESSURE_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to low oil pressure (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
ESP_STATUS State of the vehicle’s electronic stability control system (ENABLED, DISABLED)
GNSS_HDOP The value of the horizontal dilution of the GNSS precision
GNSS_SATELLITES_IN_USE The number of satellites used to compute the GNSS position
GNSS_SPEED_OVER_GROUND_IN_KPH The computed speed of the vehicle in kilometers per hour using the GNSS
HEADING_IN_DEGREES Compass direction in which the vehicle is pointing (North: 0°, East: 90°, etc.)
HEADLIGHTS State of the vehicle’s headlights (ON, OFF)
IGNITION Ignition state of the vehicle, only present if the vehicle requires the driver to manually disable the ignition (ON, OFF)
MILEAGE_IN_KILOMETERS Current odometer value of the vehicle, measured in kilometers
ONBOARD_VOLTAGE_IN_VOLTS Voltage of the onboard battery (e.g. car battery) in volts
PARKING_BRAKE_ENGAGED Indicates the status of the parking brake
POSITION Position of the vehicle (latitude and longitude)
POWER_STEERING_FAILURE_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a power steering failure
REMAINING_RANGE_IN_KILOMETERS An estimate of how far the vehicle can drive with the remaining fuel or battery charge, measured in kilometers
SEATBELTS_STATUS Whether each individual seatbelt is currently fastened or not (supported seatbelts depend on the vehicle model)2
SERVICE_DUE_DATE Date at which the next service is due
SERVICE_DUE_IN_KILOMETERS Distance remaining to next service, in kilometers
SPEED_IN_KPH The speed of the vehicle in kilometers per hour
STARTER_BATTERY_WARNING_INDICATOR Whether the battery warning light / battery indicator lamp is active due to an issue with the vehicle’s starter battery (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
STATE_OF_CHARGE_OR_FUEL_LEVEL_IN_PERCENT Fuel level or state of charge of the vehicle, in percent
STATE_OF_CHARGE_OR_FUEL_LEVEL_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a low fuel level or state of charge (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
SUNROOF_STATUS State of the sunroof (OPEN, CLOSED)
TELEMATICS_UNIT_BACKUP_BATTERY Contains information about the backup battery of the telematics unit3
TELEMATICS_UNIT_SUPPLY_VOLTAGE_IN_VOLTS The supply voltage of the telematics unit in volts
TIRE_PRESSURE_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a wrong tire pressure (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
TOP_CASE_LID State of the top case lid (OPEN, CLOSED)
TOP_CASE_LOCK State of the top case lock (LOCKED, UNLOCKED)
VEHICLE_KEY Whether the vehicle key is PRESENT or ABSENT.
WASHER_FLUID_LEVEL_LOW_INDICATOR Whether a warning light or indicator is active due to a low washer fluid level (ON, OFF, SENSOR_FAILURE)
WINDOWS_STATUS Combined state of the windows (“OPEN” if at least one window is opened, otherwise “CLOSED”)

  1. DRIVE_BATTERIES example:

      "drive_batteries": {
        "timestamp": "2020-01-30T13:22:05Z",
        "value": {
          "port_1": {
            "serial_number": "638612655110928",
            "level_in_percent": 100.0,
            "charge_cycles": 5,
            "average_temperature_in_degrees_celsius": 40.0,
            "voltage_in_volts": 10.3,

  2. SEATBELTS_STATUS example:

      "seatbelts_status": {
        "timestamp": "2020-01-30T13:22:05Z",
        "value": {
          "front_left": "FASTENED",
          "front_right": "FASTENED",
          "row2_left" : "FASTENED",
          "row2_middle": "NOT_FASTENED",
          "row2_right": "NOT_FASTENED"


      "telematics_unit_backup_battery": {
        "value": {
          "level_in_percent": 100.0,
          "voltage_in_volts": 10.3,
          "charging_status" : "CHARGING"


      "cloudboxx_cardholder_cards": {
        "timestamp": "2020-01-30T13:22:05Z",
        "value": {
          "card_1": "PRESENT",
          "card_2": "ABSENT"