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Use the INVERS OneAPI to manage and access all of your vehicles in a unified way – no matter what type of telematics unit is built into the vehicle or which features the telematics unit offers in combination with the specific vehicle model. The currently supported telematics units are:

  • INVERS CloudBoxx
  • Car OEM telematics (connected through an OEM API)
  • 2-Wheeler OEM telematics (connected through an OEM API or protocol-based / directly)

The INVERS OneAPI consists of several parts, all of which are designed to serve a specific task. For example, the Vehicle Commands API provides endpoints to send commands to your vehicles. The Vehicle Management API provides you with endpoints to view and manage the vehicles within your fleet. For a complete list of the available APIs, go to API Reference.

Important concepts⚓︎


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The INVERS OneAPI is all about vehicles. You can use the API to send commands to vehicles and to receive real-time events from your vehicles (vehicle states).

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Vehicle capabilities⚓︎

Vehicle capabilities describe what each vehicle “can do”:

  • Command capabilities describe which commands are supported by the vehicle
  • Vehicle state capabilities show you which properties can be present in the vehicle state

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Vehicle commands⚓︎

The INVERS OneAPI allows you to actively communicate with vehicles by sending vehicle commands. The supported commands range from requesting a new vehicle state to unlocking the central lock of a car.

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Vehicle state⚓︎

The vehicle state is one of the key elements within the INVERS OneAPI: It is a hardware-agnostic description of both the vehicle’s and the installed telematics unit’s current state.

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Further reading⚓︎

Once you are familiar with the important concepts, go to our integration guide to learn how to integrate your services with INVERS OneAPI.