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Vehicle Commands⚓︎

You can use vehicle commands to control your vehicles, e.g. to unlock the central lock of a car or to lock the top case of a moped.

How commands work⚓︎

Similar to the hardware-agnostic vehicle state, the INVERS OneAPI also offers you a hardware-agnostic set of vehicle commands. Each time you execute a command on a vehicle using the Vehicle Commands API, the INVERS OneAPI translates your command into the corresponding command of the telematics unit built into the vehicle. Sometimes, it might even be necessary to execute multiple commands at the telematics unit to achieve the desired result, which is then handled by INVERS OneAPI. Depending on the telematics unit, the INVERS OneAPI either establishes a direct connection to the telematics unit or calls the appropriate endpoints of the telematics unit manufacturer’s API.

If the command was executed successfully, an updated vehicle state will be returned. Go to the Vehicle Commands API page to find out how you can send commands to your vehicles.

Supported commands⚓︎

Each command supported by the INVERS OneAPI has a corresponding command capability. If your vehicle has a specific command capability, this tells you that the vehicle is able to execute the associated command. Have a look at the complete list of command capabilities to find out which commands are supported by the INVERS OneAPI.